Fleur-de-lisBSA Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Training Requirement for Philmont, Northern Tier and Seabase

Boy Scouts of America is now requiring Wilderness First Aid (WFA) for all Northern Tier Expeditions, Philmont treks and Seabase Adventures.

The BSA Guidelines (effective Mar 2010) state that Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is required by a crew member to qualify for Philmont Treks, Northern Tier and Seabase. The WFA course must be from an approved school. Wilderness Medicine Outfitters (WMO) is and has been for years one of the BSA listed approved schools.

Philmont Treks, Northern Tier expeditions and Seabase Adventures require at least one crew member to have Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training. This WFA certified crew member can be an adult or scout crew member. That is, ANY approved WFA training course where the certification is still current (typically 2 years) will qualify.

The change from past years is the training must be an approved Wilderness First Aid course (WFA), not simply a First Aid course.

So, if at least one member of your Philmont Trek, Northern Tier Expedition or Seabase Adventure crew has an approved current Wilderness First Aid certification, you are good to go. If not, you will require training prior to arrival at your trek so check out WMO.

At Wilderness Medicine Outfitters, we offer a Blended Learning: online and in-person, Wilderness First Aid [called WFA20] 20 Hour Course. You set the time to study! You pick a location and date for the hands on personal training near you! You are no longer tied to a schedule you have little to no control of. CPR and AED can be added as an option as well on line with hands on skill instruction from your private or group instructor in your area. We encourage you not to wait until the last minute. Click the link below to get started right away. WMO Blended learning can save you time and money.

Since starting this program in 2000, We have a very high success rate of arranging our students a skill instructor.

1 - Giving 4 hrs free training to an outdoors oriented Doc, Nurse, Paramedic or EMT you may know or find at your local fire station and then having them work with you.
2 - Using one of the many trained skill instructors we have.
3 - Finding you one of the 3000 members of the Wilderness Medicine Society (WMS) to work with you.

The first option is usually easiest as the person you find is CLOSE to you. We have had many students who have driven distances to meet up with the skill instructor in option 2 and 3 or occasionally paid to have them fly to the student. We pay the cost of supplies and pay shipping to your chosen instructor candidate and usually recommend option 1.

We are asked daily if we can help with a skill instructor in [blank] town and YES WE CAN but we need your help to get you trained in time with the skill instruction listed under details. [ Click HERE for more details ]

The WMO WFA20 course is designed to meet the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines (linked below)

This course is designed to help you learn and finish it in a short time IF you will do the work outlined.

Click this link to get started at WildernessMedicine.com under "Classes" > WFA20 Hour Course [ Click HERE ]

Feel free to [ Contact Us ] with any questions.


The following is from the BSA and high adventure web sites:
Boy Scouts of America > Scouting Safely > Training > Wilderness First Aid—What Is It and Why Should You Care? > Frequently Asked Questions
Wilderness First Aid and CPR Certification
Is this required for my position in Scouting?
The BSA requires at least one person (two preferred) per unit to be WFA-certified for certain high-adventure camp and backcountry experiences. This requirement drove the creation of the task force that wrote the Wilderness First Aid curriculum and its doctrine guidelines.
Philmont requires that at least 2 members of each crew be certified in Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and at least 2 members be certified in CPR. Any youth or adult crew members may fulfill this requirement, and different individuals may be certified (for example, 4 individuals with 1 certification each could meet this requirement, as could 2 individuals with 2 certifications each). You must present current certification cards upon check-in to verify this requirement.
Northern Tier Wilderness First Aid and CPR Certification. WFA 16 hour course is required for one adult advisor for all crews attending
The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, West Virginia
The Summit requires that at least one participant, (an adult or a youth) in each crew be currently certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. It is recommended that each crew have at least two participants certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. If unforeseen circumstances prevent one of the WFA trained participants from attending you will have a second member with the qualifications. You must present current certification cards or copies of current cards upon check in.
Sea Base
At least one adult crew leader must complete Wilderness First Aid and CPR.
It is strongly recommended that every adult leader completes Wilderness First Aid and CPR and that every youth completes Wilderness First Aid
Eligibility Scoutmaster; Requirements All Programs
No Exceptions Granted. 
[web sites checked and this document up dated 1-7-2017]

More Information about the WFA-BSA course by WMO

The Boy Scouts of America published new guidelines in August 2009 establishing a new standard for

Adult and Scout Leaders requiring Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training. This requirement went into full effect on March 1, 2010.

All crews going to Philmont Backpacking Treks, Northern Tier Canoe Expeditions or Seabase Adventures are required to have at least one crew member
with an up to date "Wilderness First Aid" (WFA) credential.

Wilderness Medicine Outfitters offers a Blended Learning course that meets the BSA requirements of a WFA training certification.

Blended Learning will allow you to take this course online via the internet from the comfort of your home or office.

You can work at your own pace. You will view videos and have reading material and slides to learn from.

You will have an assigned instructor to ask questions via email on topics within the WFA curriculum.

There are 4 multiple choice online quizzes during the course.

Upon completion of the WMO WFA blended learning course portion,

you will be required to complete a 4 hour in-person, hands on practice session.

This hands-on session is arranged through WMO at a time and location convenient to your location.
WMO has instructor connections all over the U.S. to meet this need.
During the early part of the course, you will contact WMO to set up the time and location of the hands-on session.

As an option, if you already know someone who has medical background such as
a EMT/EMS staff, a firefighter, nurse or doctor, WMO offers a short
training course that will get your friend up to speed on the required material.

A NOTE for Philmont Crews: Many crews headed to Philmont pass through Colorado Springs, CO. Your 4hr hands-on session

might conveniently be scheduled with WMO to take place in Colorado Springs, CO as you travel to Philmont.


WMO also offers an optional online blended adult CPR / AED course.

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